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19 August 2018


Hyper U concept

Anatoly Yunitskiy began to work out the idea of Hyper U project more than 40 years ago - since the 70s of the last century, even before the invention of SkyWay. All technical solutions have already been created over these years, and it will be another breakthrough transport technology, but fundamentally different from Hyperloop. Back in 1995, the inventor described it in detail in his monograph "String Transport Systems: on Earth and in Space":

"At speeds of over 200 meter per second (720 km/h), the transport system should be placed in a special tube of 2-3 m in diameter, from which air is pumped out. The tube can be located both above and below the ground, as well as under water at a depth of 10-100 meters, so as not to interfere with navigation and not to be exposed to the destructive impact of storms."

In the offshore area, arrangement of such a route is assumed in a submarine tube-tunnel made with zero buoyancy, since the impact of destructive storms is excluded at such a depth. To bypass powerful ocean currents, the tunnel can go down to a greater depth. In order to provide the tunnel with extra buoyancy, in other words, to prevent flooding of the tube under the influence of a mobile load, special floats anchored at the seabed are used. It is interesting that, taking into account low material intensity and rare installation of anchor pulls - at distances from 100 m to 10 km from each other - the depth of the sea is not of fundamental importance to the cost of the transport system! Submarine float stations made with high extra buoyancy, perform the role of anchor supports in this case. Smaller in size intermediate supports can be arranged inside a tube-tunnel made of steel or pre-stressed reinforced concrete having an internal diameter of 2.5-3 m. It is stretched in the longitudinal direction, therefore it is a pre-stressed structure and works as a string.

At the present stage of developing hyper-speed transport by Anatoly Yunitskiy, the limit of systems perfection is pushed even further than it was described by him in 1995. However, premieres of Hyper U industrial prototypes and speed records over 1,000 km/h is a matter of the future, albeit not too remote one. The first sample of the high-speed SkyWay rolling stock capable of accelerating up to 500 km/h is the today's reality, construction of a 25-kilometer route for it is tomorrow's day, which will come very, very soon, and after which the concept of "transport" will acquire a new meaning.

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