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25 February 2019


"String Transport Systems: on Earth and in Space" — the scientific book of 2019

This edition is based on the monograph "String Transport Systems: on Earth and in Space" by Anatoly Yunitskiy, first published in 1995. The fundamental scientific paper sets out the theory, state of development, prospects and main results of the studies of high-speed land transportation, which moves along a string track structure, and non-rocket space transport in the form of a circular string system, covering the planet parallel to the equator.

In 2017, the scientific publication, supplemented by the author's preface and new illustrations, was published for the second time.

The Edition 2019 is supplemented with a new author's preface, new illustrations, as well as other materials that reveal the string transport system, telling about the history of the development of the innovative transport and infrastructure technologies — SkyWay. In addition, this edition includes Section "Intellectual property rights to geocosmic transport and infrastructure complex "United Planetary Transport", which displays the results of more than 40 years of intellectual, creative, scientific, experimental and production activities of Engineer, Scientist and Businessman Anatoly Yunitskiy.

Scientific publication by Anatoly Yunitskiy - String Transport Systems: on Earth and in Space

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