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SkyWay EcoTechnoPark



What is SkyWay EcoTechnoPark

For practical implementation and certification of all the specified technological solutions SkyWay, there was taken a decision to build a special object - EcoTechnoPark, comprising as follows:

  • centre for certification, testing and improvement of SkyWay technology, as well as for creation of new generations of transport and infrastructure complexes;
  • showroom for selling SkyWay products;
  • exhibition and business centre;
  • property asset to the value of over 300 mln USD.

EcoTechnoPark will demonstrate all main transport and infrastructure solutions of SkyWay technology:



18 October 2019  

Testing of track structure and new current collector

15 October 2019  

Cargo complex appeared in completed shape

4 October 2019  

A new test complex has been launched at EcoTechnoPark

25 August 2019  

EcoFest-2019: report by General designer of SkyWay

21 August 2019  

EcoFest-2019 in report of Russian media holding RBC

20 August 2019  

EņoFest-2019 — festival of ecology, technology and innovation

15 August 2019  

EcoTechnoPark is in harmony with nature

11 August 2019  

Modernization of rolling surface on SkyWay truss overpass

9 August 2019  

Operational testing of unibus U4-210

7 August 2019  

Visit of a delegation from the Republic of Uzbekistan

24 July 2019  

Steven Seagal rode on SkyWay transport

21 July 2019  

TV film crew visits EcoTechnoPark

8 June 2019  

The construction of the second truss structure

2 May 2019  

Testing a new unicar model

6 April 2019  

New track is nearing completion at EcoTechnoPark

5 April 2019  

SkyWay string bridge

27 March 2019  

Unicar U4-431-01 enters testing at EcoTechnoPark

2 March 2019  

SkyWay for Georgia: interview with Guram Guramishvili

7 February 2019  

Georgian entrepreneurs and officials visit the production facility and EcoTechnoPark

2 February 2019  

Uniwind: lightweight, inexpensive and economical transport

30 January 2019  

Uniwind is a light and economic SkyWay module

26 January 2019  

SkyWay infrastructure equipment


2018 year

29 November 2018  

Transportation solutions for Brazil

27 November 2018  

TV Tokyo visits SkyWay

15 November 2018  

EcoTechnoPark is in the list of 100 best places in Belarus!

14 November 2018  

Ā conversation with Yury Kashchuk, Head of track infrastructure, rigging and testing equipment Department

31 October 2018  

News on SkyWay cargo complex

18 October 2018  

"Zero Kilometer" of EcoTechnoPark is 3 years old today!

11 October 2018  

Super-lightweight SkyWay: winning in speed, quality and cost

7 October 2018  

Preparation for testing a super-lightweight SkyWay track

8 September 2018  

Interview with EcoFest guests

28 August 2018  

SkyWay presentation

17 August 2018  

The first passengers of SkyWay

16 August 2018  

Industry 4.0 instruments in SkyWay

15 August 2018  

Drone for SkyWay

11 August 2018  

New sample of SkyWay rolling stock — Uniwind

9 August 2018  

Presentation of SkyWay developments for cargo transportation market

8 August 2018  

Report by the General designer of SkyWay during EcoFest-2018

31 July 2018  

Representatives of Nueva Lima project visited EcoTechnoPark

26 July 2018  

Visit of the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of India to Belarus

21 July 2018  

Running tests with U4-220-T2 unibus

18 July 2018  

Visit of representatives of science and business from the UAE

14 July 2018  

Acceptance testing of double-rail unibus

8 July 2018  

A visit of representatives of the UAE government

27 June 2018  

Acceptance running tests with SkyWay unicar

23 June 2018  

Running tests of a 14-passenger unibus on the semi-rigid part of the lightweight urban transport system

5 June 2018  

SkyWay unicar arrived at EcoTechnoPark

29 May 2018  

Traction modules of new unibus U4-220 are passing tests

19 May 2018  

Construction work at the cargo complex

18 May 2018  

Tests with traction modules of a double-rail unibus U4-220

20 April 2018  

Condition of construction at cargo transportation line

15 April 2018  

Testing Unitruck for noise level

13 March 2018  

EcoTechnoPark objects are successfully passing state registration

7 February 2018  

SkyWay cargo route: assembly of the elements of the first U-turn

25 January 2018  

Construction work at the section of cargo complex

22 January 2018  

Freight route: installing elements for U-turns


2017 year

30 December 2017  

The first start-up complex at SkyWay EcoTechnoPark is commissioned

24 December 2017  

SkyWay - transport of the XXI century

23 December 2017  

Certificates of compliance for unibus U4-210 and unibike U4-621

18 November 2017  

Representatives of the leading transport universities of Belarus visited SkyWay EcoTechnoPark

17 November 2017  

The features being checked during acceptance tests

13 November 2017  

The second phase of acceptance testing

11 November 2017  

Panoramic video of rolling stock

8 November 2017  

Ecological component of SkyWay EcoTechnoPark

28 October 2017  

Acceptance tests continue

14 October 2017  

Certification of the SkyWay rolling stock: unibus and unibike

8 October 2017  

Vice-Premier of Belarus Vladimir Semashko travelled on SkyWay transport

3 October 2017  

Running tests of 14-passenger unibus on superlight track structure

30 September 2017  

Unibus weighing 3.5 tons running on a "string"

23 September 2017  

Unibike on rigid rail

18 September 2017  

Transport solutions for Kyrgyzstan

16 September 2017  

The course of acceptance testing

6 September 2017  

Photo of Unibus prior to acceptance tests

4 September 2017  

Name list of people who contributed to SkyWay EcoTechnoPark construction

14 August 2017  

Preparation for certification of rolling stock

23 July 2017  

New stage of running tests with unibike

16 July 2017  

Unibike on sagging section of lightweight transport system

15 July 2017  

SkyWay museum

14 July 2017  

SkyWay overpasses

13 July 2017  

Details on transport infrastructure in EcoTechnoPark

10 July 2017  

Start of performance trials with unitruck

9 July 2017  

Greening of roofs

4 July 2017  

Photos from the EcoFest

29 June 2017  

Three kinds of string transport at a time shown at press presentation

28 June 2017  

Three days before the EcoFest

4 June 2017  

All transportation systems in one video

2 June 2017  

Speed of unibike

27 May 2017  

Visit of the Belarus National Academy of Sciences' top management

26 May 2017  

Working meeting with a delegation from the Turkish city of Erzurum

21 May 2017  

Footage from construction site

7 May 2017  

Construction status of freight transport system

30 April 2017  

Visit of delegation from Indian State of Himachal Pradesh

28 April 2017  

Area for high-speed route

27 April 2017  

The first photos from Unibus tests

8 April 2017  

Virtual tour of SkyWay cargo line

6 April 2017  

SkyWay innovations — it is no easy matter

2 April 2017  

Concrete filling into string rails

28 March 2017  

Construction of track structure at the section for high-speed urban SkyWay route is nearing completion

24 March 2017  

Representatives of Chelyabinsk Region Administration paid a visit to the EcoTechnoPark

2 March 2017  

The visit of representatives of business circles in GCC countries

19 February 2017  

Magic video from SkyWay EcoTechnoPark

15 February 2017  

"Crosscut" on work fronts

9 February 2017  

Land is allocated for construction of 16-kilometer high-speed route

31 January 2017  

Supports at reversal circles are installed

19 January 2017  

Start of building reversal traffic circle

12 January 2017  

Delegation from the Belarusian Academy of Sciences


2016 year

21 December 2016  

Visit of international delegation to EcoTechnoPark

20 December 2016  

Freight route construction continues

16 December 2016  

Installation, testing and first results

2 December 2016  

First kilometers on the Sky Way

1 December 2016  

Lightweight urban SkyWay track in operation

30 November 2016  

Start of operation trials

29 November 2016  

SkyWay Unibike - Let's Ride!

26 November 2016  

SkyWay trusses stretch out along string

22 November 2016  

Installation of trusses

12 November 2016  

String rails on lightweight SkyWay track are installed

1 November 2016  

Work on the assembly of string rails at the lightweight urban track

21 October 2016  

Yunitskiy directs construction of SkyWay track structure

19 October 2016  

Welding works when constructing the light track structure SkyWay finished

11 October 2016  

Construction of urban passenger tracks is approaching the final straight

23 September 2016  

SkyWay metal structures prior to mounting

4 September 2016  

Installation of anchor supports on lightweight urban SkyWay route

30 August 2016  

Completion of concrete work on SkyWay urban passenger line

20 August 2016  

Work on the cargo track

19 August 2016  

Lasers in EcoTechnoPark

30 July 2016  

Concreting upper ceiling panel on the second anchor support

27 July 2016  

A tour of the construction site

16 July 2016  

Start of building the SkyWay freight overpass

9 July 2016  

Foundations for anchor supports of the lightweight route

2 July 2016  

Current work on the four anchor supports

24 June 2016  

Supports for unibike track installed

14 June 2016  

Comments on current construction stage at EcoTechnoPark

10 June 2016  

Construction of lightweight track

2 June 2016  

The first summer photo report

29 May 2016  

Concreting foundation for second SkyWay anchor support

21 May 2016  

What happens in EcoTechnoPark in late spring

19 May 2016  

Construction of second anchor support starts

5 May 2016  

Concreting the stiffness diaphragms and internal walls of the third level

30 April 2016  

Video report on EcoFest

28 April 2016  

EcoFest in photos

26 April 2016  

SkyWay EcoFest

19 April 2016  

Voluntary Saturday clean-up in EcoTechnoPark

15 April 2016  

What happens in EcoTechnoPark before EcoFest

14 April 2016  

EcoTechnoPark prepares to EcoFest

7 April 2016  

Cost of EcoTechnoPark

6 April 2016  

EcoTechnoPark - the center of ecology preservation

30 March 2016  

Current stage of construction EcoTechnoPark

26 March 2016  

Installation of structural elements for the intellectual string fencing

17 March 2016  

Construction of a walking path

5 March 2016  

The designer supervision

2 March 2016  

The designer supervision and concreting of first floor diaphragm

28 February 2016  

Concreting of the reinforced concrete diaphragm

25 February 2016  

Stage of manufacturing metal structures

20 February 2016  

Binding of reinforcement on walls and rigidity diaphragms of the anchor support first floor

13 February 2016  

Steel intermediate support

12 February 2016  

All intermediate supports installed

6 February 2016  

Backfilling of the pit for intermediate supports

5 February 2016  

Designer supervision of concrete quality and welded seams

31 January 2016  

One day of construction at EcoTechnoPark

29 January 2016  

Pouring concrete into the formwork of the first level floor panel of the transport and logistics hub

22 January 2016  

Assembling of intermediate supports

17 January 2016  

Installation of intermediate supports

3 January 2016  

Reinforcement of the ground floor ceiling


2015 year

29 December 2015  

SkyWay EcoTechnoPark construction process and time for gifts

16 December 2015  

Designer supervision

15 December 2015  

Installation of the first intermediate support

6 December 2015  

Results of the week

4 December 2015  

EcoTechnoPark from the height of a bird's flight

1 December 2015  

Arrangement of framework under the pylons and stiffness diaphragms

21 November 2015  

A few facts about the EcoTechnoPark construction project

17 November 2015  

Designer supervision

14 November 2015  

Current stage of construction

11 November 2015  

Construction of pylons of the first anchor support

9 November 2015  

The first support is heading up

22 October 2015  

Installation of foundations for supports of the high-speed SkyWay

21 October 2015  

Greening of EcoTechnoPark

20 October 2015  

Grand opening of SkyWay "Zero kilometer"

15 October 2015  

Photo report of October 14

6 October 2015  

The first seedlings

1 October 2015  

Laying of concrete

26 September 2015  

Functioning physical model

24 September 2015  

Video report in real time

20 September 2015  

Demo-version in 3D visual representation

17 September 2015  

Australian delegation in SkyWay EcoTechnoPark

15 September 2015  

Reinforcement of anchor support foundation

12 September 2015  

Construction site billboard

4 September 2015  

Pouring concrete in foundation at EcoTechnoPark

1 September 2015  

Foundation pit for anchor support is ready!

28 August 2015  

Digging of pits for the anchor support

26 August 2015  

Documentation on SkyWay EcoTechnoPark

25 August 2015  

Construction works

12 August 2015  

First concrete

30 July 2015  

The Executive Committee approved of the preparatory work on EcoTechnoPark construction

29 July 2015  

Construction began

17 July 2015  

Preparatory work has begun!

30 June 2015  

SkyWay Technologies Co. received the land for the construction of SkyWay EcoTechnoPark

29 May 2015  

First technical meetings

16 April 2015  

Report from SkyWay land plot

SkyWay EcoTechnoPark

EcoTechnoPark objects

Anchor reversal support for suspended SkyWay

Automated control and safety system for SkyWay cargo complex with dispatching point

Automated safeguarding and safety system

Building of production and assembly workshop

Cable barrier

Cargo complex anchor support

Cargo complex intermediate support

Cargo suspended unicar SkyWay for breakbulk cargo transportation

Cargo train-unicar for bulk cargo transportation

Communication system for high-speed transport complex

Complex for dimensional welding of track structure elements

Complex for longitudinal launching of trussed-string track structure

Direct current traction substation

Direct current traction substation for high-speed transport complex

Energy supply system

Entry group

External drive for cargo complex SkyWay

Intermediate support for combined complex

Intermediate support for single-track suspended way

Lake with ecosystem

Loading and unloading terminal No.1 for cargo SkyWay

Loading and unloading terminal No.2 for cargo SkyWay


Overhead crane track of production and assembly workshop

Palmprint "Leave your mark in SkyWay history"

Portable rolling complex to manufacture special rail head

Safety and automated control system for high-speed transport complex

Sculptural composition "Outstanding SkyWay Investor"

SkyWay Myseum

Suspended urban unibus

Terminal anchor support

Trussed-string overpass for cargo SkyWay

Trussed-string track structure

Urban double-rail unibus - suspended, mounted

Walks, groves, gardens, groups of trees and compositions

Zero Kilometer

The construction of EcoTechnoPark (area - 35.9 ha) is carried out near the town of Maryina Gorka (Republic of Belarus)

Mass media about EcoTechnoPark

SkyWay to future - Journal "BelAvia OnAir", July 2017

EcoFest: 5,000 people welcome a new leap in the transport evolution - Journal "Guest Guide", July 2017

EcoTechnoPark is one of the most exciting infrastructure projects in Belarus - Journal "BelAvia OnAir", December 2016

SkyWay is the transport system that will free the land from roads - Technophilia, 13 October 2016

String transportation will change the world - Journal "BelAvia OnAir", September 2016

Flight on strings - Journal "Popular Mechanics", September 2016

Construction of EcoTechnoPark goes on - Newspaper "Pukhovichy News", 7 May 2016

Transport of the future - Magazine "Story", May 2016

Most environmentally friendly transport - The scientific educational portal "World knowledge", 11 February 2016

SkyWay route of Anatoly Yunitskiy - Newspaper "Minskaya Pravda", 5 December 2015

Report about SkyWay - TV channel "Capital TV", 3 November 2015

SkyWay routes in Mariyna Gorka: Zero kilometer opened - Newspaper "Pukhovichy News", 21 October 2015

Zero kilometer of the Skyway line and the models of the future transport are presented in Belarus - Information Agency "Interfax.by", 19 October 2015

The trains will fly through the air - Newspaper "Narodnaya Gazeta", 10 October 2015

SkyWay shareholders are preparing to receive their dividends - Investtalk, 4 October 2015

Belarus is about to offer the world "Transport of the future": moving over the earth at crazy speeds along the rails and the strings - Information Agency "Interfax.by", 23 September 2015

SkyWay EcoTechnoPark Construction - The National Agency of investment and privatization of the Republic of Belarus, 13 September 2015

SkyWay EcoTechnoPark

Additional information

Site of SkyWay EcoTechnoPark - skyway-park.com

Presentation - EcoTechnoPark

Business plan of investment project - Creation of EcoTechnoPark

EcoTechnoPark: running tests of 14-passenger unibus on superlight track structure

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